June 10, 2009 at 12:45 am (Writing Ranting) (, )

As is obvious from the last entry, I’m one of those people who gets high on early drafts, and somewhat carried away (“This is brilliant! I’ll make millions!”)

The crit group has given me a little more on “Farting my ABCs”. There are extra words and phrases, some grammar issues, and “more depth would be good”. The extra words and phrases are what the long breaks are for – so I can actually SEE them. But these aren’t major flaws – or difficult to fix, given my usual editing process.

At the moment I’m also editing “The Monster Apprentice” – the first book in my kids’ trilogy. I’m so impressed with myself over “Farting my ABCs” that “The Monster Apprentice” feels dull. I’m thinking about throwing away the whole  trilogy. But as I type that, I know it’s silly. Not because of the hundreds of hours I’ve spent working on it, but because of the way publishers react to it. Clearly there’s something worth reading in there, I just can’t see it today.

My super-critical friend has read “Farting” and says he’ll probably send me his notes today. How exciting! (I decided I needed to be brought down, and that should work neatly. I also figured two large non-editing gaps should be enough; one after this round and one when it’s at a professional assessor).

Some years ago, I was delighted to find out Douglas Adams was dead. I knew he was brilliant; way more brilliant than me – and it was depressing how much more brilliant he was. But when I discovered he was dead, I realised he couldn’t ever get any better – and I could.

Right now I am reading Cassandra Clare’s “Mortal Intruments” series (the first book is “City of Bones”). She is everything I was to be as a writer – funny, scary, intriguing, intelligent. I love her characters and hate her guts 🙂


  1. Dr. Annabelle said,

    Hmm, this is a very interesting sociological conundrum on the islador spector concerning fundamental inconstricted hyperventotile chickpeas. Very good.

  2. Ben (Crispin) said,

    Well hopefully I won’t bring you down TOO much…
    Incidentally, it is REALLY hard to find this site – Google doesn’t seem to know about it.
    Can you rectify that somehow…?

  3. Jim said,

    I’ll try to look at your story either today or tomorrow. Hopefully, I can give you something useful to build on as well.

    Cassandra Clare? Seriously? In the same post with Douglas Adams? Oh well to each their own.

  4. FelicityBloomfield said,

    Thanks Jim and Ben (Ben gave me five pages of criticism!) I feel like I have plenty to run with now, including major structural changes. (Mmm. . . structural changes.)

    I’m currently writing a massive post reviewing YA fantasy authors including Cassandra Clare, Garth Nix, Philip Reeve and many others. I expect it’ll be up by the end of the week.

  5. felicitybloomfield said,

    Incidentally, here are some samples of Ben’s criticism (I am so lucky to know this guy – and I paid him in soup, too):

    *possible spoilers*

    There is a vague suggestion that Fred’s backside is actually rather intelligent – possibly more so than him. This is a very interesting idea and one that is rather underutilised.
    I seem to recall that William Burroughs wrote a short story about a man whose behind begins talking and is so much more intelligent – and outspoken – than him that it ultimately replaces him entirely.
    William Burroughs did a LOT of drugs…

    There is indeed no conventional Rabies in Australia – however there is at least one local variant known as ‘Australian Bat Lyssavirus’ or ABLV (just by the way…) This is a closely related virus with almost identical symptoms.

    The Sarah-Romance plot stream is basically ‘Rebecca’ with flatulence.. .

    Why does Sarah only start farting (and ‘farting with every step’ is a lot of farting) right at the end? What has changed in her colon?

  6. Ann said,

    Seriously, Ben needs his own blog, just to pass on his hilarious wisdom to us all……. Oh Ben, where art thou?…….

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