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January 22, 2017 at 10:21 am (Love and CJ, Mum Stuff, Project 365: A picture a day for a year)

Last Sunday, Louisette turned five. She’s about to start Kindy. Today was her party.

Five years. She’s grown all the way from a giddying hypothetical notion to a wrinkly spew machine to a distinct person: smart, focused, creative, affectionate, gentle, passionate, and gorgeous. I took a photo a day for the first year of each of my kids lives, and those daily photos are here (TJ first, since he’s more recent) if you’re in the mood for a lot of scrolling.

Look at that girl!

(This photo and the next were taken on a professional shoot with Thorson Photography.)


Right now I feel like just plastering every wall of my home with photos of my kids.

All the most horrifying statistics about kids are “this many kids under five die of such-and-such”. Now that Louisette has turned five, I’m pretty sure she’s going to live forever. We made it this far, right? RIGHT???

Kindy. (Note to self: Learn how to spell Kindergarten. GAR-ten. You can’t rely on five attempts and a spell checker every single time…)

Kindy is the beginning of a new era. It’s a relatively easy transition for Louisette since it’s located literally next door to her day care centre (which she’s been attending since she was a year old; at the party today there were three kids she’s been friends with since that time – and a total of six pre-existing friends who will be in Kindy with her).

Louisette is deliriously excited about Kindy as well as being quite nervous (probably because every adult in her life is so obsessed with Kindy that it’s making it seem like a much bigger life event than it is). She’ll wear a uniform and have school holidays (she’s five weeks into the longest holidays of her life right now). It changes the routine of our family – we’re finally taking both kids to the same school (sort of; TJ is in the day care of course), but the kids have significantly different routines now.

TJ has long days Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, and nothing Thursday-Friday.

Louisette is 9:00am-3:00pm every weekday (I’ll pick her up two hours before TJ) and then has school holidays completely free.

I’m hoping that I can use the syncopated routines to spend a lot of one-on-one time with each kid. They’re different creatures when they’re the only one around (which is part of why siblings are so wonderful; they open up a new part of who your kid is). I’ve had pretty bad anxiety ever since TJ was born, mainly because of health stuff. But a part of that anxiety is the need to divide my attention between them and/or make sure they’re not killing each other every ten seconds or so. Hopefully the one-on-one time will help my brain to stop panicking, and will also give me many of those marvellous, surprising moments when my kids and I are truly connected and I’m suddenly overthrown by awe and happiness and pride and love. I hope there’s a correlation between “time parent spends with little kids” and “time adult kids spend with aged parents” because I don’t want to miss any piece of their lives.


(ProTip for mothers who feel ugly in pics after pregnancy: Hide behind children. Or, where possible, behind a tree.)

When Louisette was an infant we were at a playgroup for mums with babies all born within about a month of each other (one of those “babies” is the non-TJ gentleman in this picture, who has never missed Louisette’s birthday and who also happens to possess two top-notch parents for myself and Chris to play with while the kids do their thing).


I noticed that a lot of one-year olds were miserable and/or terrified at their own party. The party wasn’t for them, it was for all the friends and family who loved them. But I decided that although I’d always have a party for my kids, I’d also make sure they did something on their birthday day that was for THEM. In the years since, it’s evolved to “family + activity” on the birthday day; then later a party day (my sister’s kids come to both).

On Louisette’s birthday day we went on a small local waterslide – Chris, TJ, Louisette, myself, my sister, and her two kids. It was great! Then we had lunch with my parents (including my sister and her two kids), and dinner with Chris’s parents, followed by Louisette having a sleepover at their house AND spending the entire next day with them! So THAT worked.

Louisette has been planning her party since her last party and I’ve been actively prepping for months. (Exhibit A: party bag prep)


Party bags are a blight upon the face of the earth: junk food, noise-makers, choking hazards, and cheap horrors that fall apart (inspiring much weeping) before the guest gets to their car for the ride home. Having said that, Louisette and TJ are obsessed with them, and so is everyone their age. Since I can prep the bags ahead of time, and choose things that aren’t too irritating to me personally, I don’t truly mind the phenomenon.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pass the parcel game happen without at least one kid sobbing. (When the kids are older they’ll get better at it and more realistic.) Last year each layer had a bunch of lollies to share with everyone! Yay! It confused and over-sugared the children, but it was a nice idea. This year my sister was moving house literally today so I said she should drop her kids and leave, and could drop them way before the party started. I had the brilliant idea of having a pre-party pass-the-parcel with exactly the right number of layers for just those four kids, and a new pirate paddle pool in the centre (coordinated to make sure one of my kids got it, to avoid confusion). It went great. (Although one of the other kids—who was having a snotty day anyway—was devastated an hour later that the party didn’t appear to include pass the parcel.)

After months of party-oriented discussion Louisette decided to have a pirate and mermaid party (exactly as she did last year—”in case some people are scared of pirates”), and I encouraged her to make it a pool party. Why? Because at this age, popularity is easy, and I can give it to my daughter for a few dollars. Pool = awesome.

We always have lots of water play at Louisette’s party, and it’s always a hit with the kids (plus super easy to clean up, and it means the inside space is quiet and neat). Chalk is also popular and easy (our house is rendered, which makes it fun to draw on), so I put some chalk outside, and a table (with fruit and fairy bread; water and cups; sunscreen and towels). I hired 1.5 babysitters (the .5 had her own kids there too) for water safety and parental freedom, and barely went outside at all. I ran the party as two overlapping parties, making it clear in the invitations that parents of confident swimmers didn’t need to go outside (in the heat and noise) at all. This cunning plan fundamentally worked. I served a fresh Devonshire Tea (chosen for simplicity while sounding fancy and adult) to anyone who wanted it, and actually enjoyed it myself. It was relatively easy to hold a grown-up conversation, which is pretty amazing considering there were twenty children on the premises. I think a few adults were weirded out about my overt enthusiasm for shoving the children outside, but oh well.

Louisette and I made an ice cream cake again, topped with faux water made from desiccated coconut and colouring (I had reports some of the kids were a bit freaked out, wondering what it was), and with lego people swimming in it. I had one friend distract the kids with the Hokey Pokey while another helped me serve up the cake. That lowered the chaos slightly, and was simple, harmless, fun that suited even the two-year olds.


I always need a massive debrief after Louisette’s party. This blog was it. I really like the kids my kid hangs out with, and I like their parents too. We talked a lot about Kindy, and uniforms, and school stationary, and eccentric in-laws. Grown-up talking! Yay!

Look at these gorgeous kids!

Louisette’s birthday is the social centre of my year (TJ is a winter baby + a more introverted kid + not born in the major school holidays, so I invite a few close friends to his party but invite pretty much everyone Louisette knows to her parties).

See that blond cherub? I invited him and his sister to Louisette’s party last year without realising they were siblings. That day was the beginning of a whole-family friendship which is one of the best things that happened last year. That boy is TJ’s best friend, his sister is Louisette’s best friend, and Chris and I both like hanging out with their mum.

And here’s a pic of Louisette from her first birthday.


I loved her with my whole heart that day, but I really do love her more and more as each year passes.

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May 17, 2015 at 7:27 pm (Project 365: A picture a day for a year, TJ daily photos)

2015-05-13 08.41.13

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February 27, 2013 at 6:47 am (Project 365: A picture a day for a year)


The first year of Louisette’s life has been VERY exciting, and as I tried to think of new and interesting photos for each day I took a lot of photos of significant moments. Suddenly her babyhood is over and I want to make sure I remember every second. A photo a day wasn’t enough, but it’s a start.

In Jan/Feb, she was born:


She took several days to open her eyes for more than an instant:


Another day or two to look at me for the first time:


And another day or two before she was genuinely awake for the first time:


She had her first hundred or so stories:


She noticed her own limbs, and was Deeply Concerned:


In Feb/March, she grew interested in looking at things:


Discovered the joy of dummies:


Would sometimes accept tummy time without complaint (it’s very good for young babies – to develop skills for crawling, and to keep the back of their heads from becoming too flat):

img_0013Began baby push-ups:

img_0031And learned to smile:



In March/April she began flailing in the direction of dangling toys:


Laughed (complete with joyful flailing):


Visited Hong Kong and Beijing:


Deliberately grabbed a toy for the first time:


Began playing simple games:


Learned the joy of “Ooh, shiny!”


Could sleep anywhere, anytime (including in a freezing Mongolian wind):


And discovered that her hands were both portable and useful:

img_0029 (1)

In April/May she loved to fly:


Loved to sit up:

img_0007Realised tummy time meant, someday crawling – and tried SO hard to make it work:



Decided water, her screamworthy enemy, was actually kind of cool:


Impressed everyone with her ability to stand:


Held hands with A Boy:

img_0025And plunged headlong into the world of toys:


In May/June she began eating solid food:

img_0012Was fascinated by the pretty girl in the mirror:


Began using fine motor skills (I said BEGAN…):


img_0029Loved being upside down:


Attempted to interact with the cats:

img_0038And found her feet:


In June/July she began saying “Mum” when she wanted me to come, and was suddenly able to push herself up on hands and knees:


Could stand up with only a Jolly Jumper, a hand on her back, or something to hold on to herself:


Could turn the pages of her board books:


And had her official dedication at church:


In July/August, now six months old, she learned the joy of not sharing:


Learned crawling in stages – first she would go up on hands and knees and faceplant herself forward, then she began pawing the ground like a horse – and then BOOM! She could crawl.


This meant that when she saw a toy truck for the first time, she could race across a room and play with THAT:


Meanwhile, walking!


. . . drumming. . .


. . . and drinking from a sippy cup (which took a few days to learn).


In August/September she was suddenly much harder to photograph (too darn quick – but she now threw up only about once a week, down from a six-week peak during which she threw up a dozen times every day):


She also learned to take her books (and Mummy and Daddy’s CDs) off bookshelves:


Visited Questacon and Cockington Green:



Could pull herself up from the floor and cruise (walk along furniture):

img_0037img_00241She had her skin tag removed (from her face; all this is just to check all’s well – which it was):

img_0043Grew her first teeth (that’s a special finger-toothbrush daddy’s using):


Attempted self-feeding:

img_0053and taught herself to flip paper pages:


In September/October she couldn’t play outside for thirty seconds without choking on something:


Established herself as a climber:

img_0009LOVED water:

img_0010Went to Floriade:

img_0014Turned out to be surprisingly good at catching a rolled ball (it was another month or two before she was good at passing it back and forth):

img_0038Developed anticipation (of falling) for the first time (but could stand up herself by leaning against something):

img_0019and could climb stairs:


In October/November she usually (but not always) slept on her tummy with her bum in the air:


Looked awesome in pigtails – but continued to have plenty of bad hair days:



Loved to stick her tongue out:

img_0015Was fascinated by her tiny cousin:

img_00025Was very comfortable in the water, but continued to try and drink it – all of it – whenever we encouraged her to try holding her breath and putting her head under:

img_00013Learned to drink her own bottle (finally – although it took a while for her to have the strength to drink the whole bottle without someone else taking over):


Heartily enjoyed Nanny’s swing:

img_00111And made significant progress towards consistently getting down from the couch safely (mastered it a month later, with rare exceptions):


In October/November she grew to loathe bibs (and insisted on finger-feeding herself as much as possible):IMG_0002

Could suddenly clap and wave:


LOVED the beach:


And was reasonably gentle with Ana most of the time:


In December/January she babbled constantly (featuring much “Mum/Mummy”, “Dad/Daddy”, “gat/dat/cat”, and the so-called Indian war cry – then she added “duck” and the occasional “dog”, and then became obsessed with saying “dat” – that – and pointing at things):


She went to her first Carols night:

IMG_0002Where she saw her dad play bass for the first time:

IMG_0001_2And instantly and obsessively grasped the allure of the stage:


She also began standing independently for the first time:


Could ride on her dad’s back:


On December 24th she suddenly realised she could walk across a room pushing her beloved car:


And then she had her first Christmas (and her first taste of ice cream):



On New Years’ Eve she put her face fully underwater and blew bubbles for the first time. Meanwhile, her top two teeth were coming through (and then another pair on the bottom, too):


At age one she could amuse herself very well for long periods of time as long as someone was in the room admiring her (being on the computer doesn’t cut it), and could last about two minutes properly alone before getting annoyed. She could identify photos and certain animal pictures correctly more often than not, and would usually self-settle. When she wanted a story, she would bring a book to us and attempt to climb into our laps – sometimes grabbing our hand and forcibly placing the book in it. She could climb onto some couches without assistance or props (yikes). She still drooled a fair bit, and loved to put everything (including her youngest cousin) in her mouth.

On 2 January she attempted her first solo step. On January 11, she took her first solo step. This video was taken the day before her birthday (that is, January 14). And that’s that: Goodbye, baby: Hello toddler. A whole new adventure begins now.


Happy birthday, Louisette.

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Top Twenty-Five Photos of my Louisette 365 Project

February 13, 2013 at 6:55 am (Project 365: A picture a day for a year)


I like this shot because it’s so simple and so complicated. It was most definitely planned, and planned to be public – I blogged and tweeted throughout the labour, and every blogger knows “pics or it didn’t happen”. I didn’t really like the idea of having a shirtless photo (most people give birth naked just because labour is a bit like that, and then immediately breastfeed because motherhood is a bit like that – skin on skin contact is great for the baby if you can get it) so I carefully instructed my sister to help me get a shirt on, take the, “Hey look! Baby! Tired mum!” photo, and then take the shirt away again. I also remembered at the time to ask for a shirt immediately after Louisette was born.

My sister took the photo – a few actually – and I thought to myself, “Honest facial expression! No gooey stuff!” because that’s how I roll.

Those photos are rubbish, and have long since been deleted.

Once that job was done, and I’d stated for the record that I was definitely going to have another child (about thirty seconds later) I was free to adore my astonishing miracle. Technically, the birth wasn’t even fully over (the baby was out, but not the afterbirth – which, incidentally, I’m told was a particularly fine specimen).  That’s when my sister took the above photo.

I love it because there’s nothing but us in the photo, and you can clearly see both our faces, and exactly how impressed/unimpressed we are. I love it because I’m not aware of getting my photo taken – just of Louisette. I like that I don’t just have the usual makeup-free flushed face and sweat-tangled hair of all these type of photos, but there is a cut on my lip – the kind of small detail in a bigger story that is the most memorable part (I don’t know if my lips just dried out and cracked, or if I bit it and didn’t notice). And I love that you can see her tiny hand.


This photo was taken when Louisette was four days old, and we took her back to the hospital (we had stayed in hospital overnight and left in the morning – less than a day after Louisette was born) for standard hearing tests. Since it was her first outing, I decided to dress her in all her best finery for the occasion. This photo and the next (taken on the same day) show just how tiny she was.


CJ was soothing Louisette while we were at the hospital, and I caught that moment – wedding ring, tiny exasperated face, and that tightly-clenching hand of a girl already familiar with her dad’s voice and smell. This photo is my absolute favourite. In a way, it is our family photo – we are all represented.


This was the first time I deliberately set up a pose for Louisette – in the washing basket. That is our actual washing, hastily shoved about for a few seconds as I realised the excellent balance of colours.


Louisette used to fall asleep on my lap during every feed, and the cuteness was heartbreaking. It’s not particularly easy to take a photo of something in one’s own lap (something who’s over half a metre long when she isn’t scrunched up). The key is having good long arms. . .


I like this shot for its simplicity, and for the directness of her gaze. She was only a couple of months old at the time.


My mum loves to give presents, and went overboard over Louisette before CJ and I were even trying to conceive. When I was pregnant I was so sick the gifts barely registered, but this giraffe mobile arrived at just the right moment as the nausea hormones lessened and some of the happy hormones were able to get through. I was obsessed with it throughout the pregnancy. Louisette likes it too 🙂

That jacket was the first item of clothing we bought for her (with a voucher) after she was born, and she wore it a LOT because it was so beautiful. Sidebar: she was actually born with genuine furry ears, like a cat or an elf woman.


I just love images with sand, water, and mountains – all together (like here in Hong Kong) is particularly good. I like CJ and Louisette too. This photo almost didn’t make the shortlist, because of the haze. Sadly, that’s Hong Kong for you.


I’m constitutionally incapable of leaving out China’s Great Wall in any list of personal favourite visuals. It’s a stunning monument in a grand setting. I also don’t mind this picture of me.


It takes a rare piece of luck to get such a portrait-like photo of a baby. I’m grateful for the simple background keeping the focus on her adorable face. This list would be incomplete without at least one shot that makes me fall into her big blue eyes.


As you can imagine, this photo is also the result of luck, and a LOT of it. All awake? None feeding or crying? And Louisette cleverly making herself stand out amongst the crowd? Perfection!

Louisette still plays with several members of this crowd, and I hope she always does.


Louisette with both her girl cousins. The cuteness here is off the scale (hugging Louisette was the 2-year old’s idea, and Louisette was delighted); all three are happy and in focus (believe me, that’s not easy!) and the colours work nicely together.


The hardest part of this photo was the speed at which I needed to get the shots in between pulling grass, leaves, and twigs (she always prefers choking hazards to mere dirt) out of her mouth. She’d just started sometimes looking at items briefly before tasting them, so the idea of taking her photo in the ivy happened not a moment too soon. It was actually just a nature strip at a playground (with slovenly youths wandering by lighting fires on picnic tables), but it looks fantastical and lush here.


The colours of autumn in Canberra make it worth braving the cold. I like that we’re both in furry hoods here. This was taken beside Lake Burley Griffin, near Questacon. It’s been called “The Drop Bear Picture” ever since.


The colours happened by accident. It all just came together (although I realised the shot could be great, and flung off the couch cover and moved CJ’s arm to make it just right). I love that we caught the brief period when she was doing that sweet little hand gesture, too.


This shot genuinely just happened. I love the way Louisette lights up in or around water, but I’m rarely able to use a camera at the same time. This is her having a bath in our plastic paddle-pool shell on the balcony.


Ever since she learned to roll over, Louisette has preferred to sleep on her tummy, but this time she was so tired that she passed out without even grabbing Eeyore off her chest first. I guessed – correctly – that she’d stay asleep even if I removed her dummy. Since you can see her whole face, this is a favourite among all her sleeping photos.


This photo was taken on Christmas Eve, when we introduced Lousiette to the concept of presents for the first time. At first she was intrigued, then bewildered, then she got it. I was taking about a million photos, and this one caught the mess, the obsessive photo-taking (CJ took a million photos too, using his phone), and – most importantly – her smile.


I must confess that although I took many photos almost exactly like this one, my camera was sorely outdone by the camera (and photography know-how) of a friend. I’m just glad he passed this on! I love the circles of the tunnel – all the more so with the hat-circles echoing the theme. You can see she’s a tiny bit overwhelmed by the newness, but she’s not going to let it stop her having fun.


I was annoyed that the last photo in this list wasn’t even technically one of mine so, realising that Louisette loved her new chair and that the foam and bricks made a nice geometric background, I took eighty photos in very quick succession. Once I had them down to a (very respectable) top ten, I saw that (despite my conscious efforts) this was the only one in which the photo was actually straight. Arg!

The expression is a classic, so I don’t mind leaving out the ones of her laughing.

Ah, who am I kidding? I love this one too.



PS Thank you to Jolyon for rotating this photo so it was straight!


The ball pit is a brilliant background. . . if you can get a child to stay still (and not weirded out) long enough. This was not a first attempt at this shot. I love her dress (if I’d dressed her specifically for the ball pit I would have chosen a plain colour, and I think that wouldn’t have worked as well – she’d have disappeared into the mass) and her long legs.


Usually for this list, I leave out the blurry ones (which cuts out a large proportion of even the good photos). But this perfectly captures a moment when Louisette is industriously emptying the ball pit (apologies to the Hellenic Club, incidentally) and her two-year-old cousin (borrowed specifically to thrill Louisette on her birthday – she was out of her mind with delight to have her cousin, both parents AND a playground all in one hour) doing backstroke. Because it’s a ball pit, and that’s what you do.


I wanted a really excellent birthday portrait to end the 365 project. To cut a long story short, I took over three hundred photos and used up six batteries – but I expanded this blog entry from a top twenty to a top twenty-five in a single day. The balcony in the morning has really excellent natural light, and so when I saw Louisette playing with the ball in front of her decorated box, I thought, “Man, if only this whole scene was happening outside where I could get a nice photo of all the colours and smiling together.” So I picked everything up and moved it – and it worked.


The other birthday photo I really wanted to finish off the 365 Project was a mother-daughter moment to echo the first photo in this set. I dressed in dark pink to complement her (then trimmed it out of the final shot but whatever) and picked a plain background – in this case, our carport – still using morning light. I chose this one out of the final four because Louisette is facing the camera and I’m facing her – just like in that first photo we had together.

Also, she’s adorable.

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Monthly Photos: Lady in Red

January 30, 2013 at 9:35 pm (Project 365: A picture a day for a year)

PS The rather brilliant Australian fantasy author Rowena Cory Daniells let me start my ebook  blog tour at her place, where I talk about how the book that I wasn’t meant to write came to be.


When Louisette was four days old, I put her in a red dress and took the photo below. I liked it so much I tried it again exactly two month later – and a (mostly) monthly tradition was born. Here are twelve photos taken over one year, on roughly the same day of each month (as you can tell, I forgot a few):











img_00042 (1)



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January 22, 2013 at 10:05 pm (Project 365: A picture a day for a year)

img_00031 img_0006 img_0017 img_0024 img_0027 img_0028 img_0033

1-2 months of age:

img_0034 img_0026 img_0019 img_0016 img_00034 img_0037

2-3 months of age:

img_0019_1 img_0010_1 img_0008_1 img_0024 img_0017 img_0008 img_0007 img_0006

3-4 months:

img_0038 img_0034 img_0031 img_0026 img_0025 img_0018 img_0016 img_0009 img_0006 img_00032

4-5 months:

img_0032 img_0021 img_0020 img_0019 img_0017 img_0016 img_0010 img_00031

5-6 months:

img_0032 img_0031 img_0012 img_0010 img_0005

6-7 months:

img_00091 img_00041 img_0037 img_0036 img_0033 img_0032 img_0025 img_00141

7-8 months:

img_0040 img_0029 img_0010 img_00061 img_00051

8-9 months:

img_0030 img_0026 img_0019 img_0014 img_0013 img_0006 img_0003 img_0045

9-10 months old:

img_00111 img_00063 img_00072 img_00062 img_00033 img_00025 img_00015 img_00041 img_0009 img_0007 img_0005 img_00021 img_00121

10-11 months:

img_00112 img_00093 img_00072 img_00062 img_00054 img_00101 img_00053

11-12 months:

c9.1.13.1 c8.1.13.2 c8.1.13.1 c4.1.13.3 c2.1.13.4 c2.1.13.2 c2.1.13.1 a21.12.12.2 a17.12.12 a16.12.12.4

IMG_0002 d15.1.13.9 d15.1.13.6


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Top Cat Pics

January 20, 2013 at 10:25 pm (Project 365: A picture a day for a year)

We have two cats: Indah, who is grey, grumpy, and close to fifteen years old; and Ana, who is fluffy, friendly, and not overly gifted in the brain department. From the time I was pregnant, Ana began mucking up – she stayed out on the town for several nights at a time; she visibly lost weight; she grew ill; she got into fights. All in all, she displayed a textbook case of sibling rivalry – she was no longer the youngest, cutest thing around. But she slowly, slowly came to accept this new beastie in her life, and discovered that the most efficient way to get patted was to drape herself elegantly within reach of the grabby thing. It’s a risky strategy, but both she and Louisette are getting much better at it.

Without further ado, the year in cats, from when Louisette was barely a month old:





IMG_0001_1 IMG_0002


On 2 Jan she had her first “educational moment” with Indah, who when provoked offered several warning meows and finally lashed out and drew two tiny dots of blood. Hopefully both of them learned from the experience – normally Indah is smart enough to move to higher ground much sooner. But Ana will now approach her for a pat:





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A full year in daily pictures!!

January 15, 2013 at 11:11 pm (Project 365: A picture a day for a year)

This is it: the final month of daily pictures. You can see the rest here (just keep scrolling down). I have been sorting them into special albums – funny, cats, sheer cuteness – for weeks now and soon you will see some truly excellent collections. Stay tuned! You can also see the official 365 photos (only one a day, but you can view them month by month which is fascinating) here.

Louisette had her first birthday yesterday. She has just started walking on her own (see the real live video on facebook!), and we couldn’t be more impressed. Her first Christmas was a blast, and yesterday was her birthday (the last ten photos are all from yesterday – I took hundreds of photos since it was the last day of daily pictures and I wanted to make sure I ended well).

IMG_0001 IMG_0002

IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0025 IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0029 IMG_0030 IMG_0031 IMG_0032 IMG_0033 IMG_0034 IMG_0035 IMG_0036 IMG_0037 IMG_0038 IMG_0039 IMG_0040 IMG_0041 IMG_0042 IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_0045 IMG_0046 IMG_0047 IMG_0048 IMG_0049 IMG_0050 IMG_0051 IMG_0052 IMG_0053 IMG_0054 IMG_0055 IMG_0056 IMG_0057 IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0060 IMG_0061 IMG_0062 IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0065 IMG_0066 IMG_0067 IMG_0068 IMG_0069 IMG_0070 IMG_0071 IMG_0072


IMG_0003 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0002

IMG_0005 IMG_0004IMG_0001


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The Penultimate Month

December 26, 2012 at 8:06 am (Project 365: A picture a day for a year)

I’m pretty delighted to have just one more month of daily Louisette photos to go (and then I get to SORT them into my favourites – I can’t wait!) To see the rest, click here and scroll down.

In the last month she suddenly got a lot better with her hands (clapping, Indian war cry, undoing nappies and pants, pointing) and saying “cat” (more like “gat” but it’s clear what she’s talking about) and she played on a real live beach for the first time.




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Funny Faces

December 23, 2012 at 4:49 pm (funny, Project 365: A picture a day for a year)

These are the photos of Louisette that I find funny – often just because of her facial expression. Only the birthday cake photo was posed – the rest just happened.

0-1 month:

img_0014No! Not without makeup on!


Ninja baby only pretends to sleep.


Fart face.


What on EARTH is that pink flailing thing, and why is it following me?!?


The eternal, “Huh?”

1-2 months:


Mmm, tasty.


Mwa haha! They’ll never catch me!


Suspicious baby.

img_0030Oh no! They’re on to me!


Okay, this one was posed (or was it?)


I respectfully disagree.

2-3 months:

img_0018And this one (the hard part is always getting the zip done up, am I right?)

img_0002_11That bag was a lifesaver while travelling (it’s designed as a stroller insert, and worked great as a handbag/cot).

img_0031I’m watching you, Mr Elephant. Don’t make any sudden moves.

img_0032Could I be any more ladylike?

img_0033Music! Flashing lights! Arg!

3-4 months:



Nom nom.


I’m so nervous chewing my nails just isn’t enough.


Holding Hands With A Boy.


I would have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for those darn kids.


A-a-almost got it. . .


Why does that giraffe have a rainbow shoved through its skull?


Flipper baby


Okay, I can explain! See there was this thing, and then I just. . .


Yo, bring me a cold one, wouldya?


First dates are always so awkward. What am I meant to say?



4-5 months:


What could possibly go wrong?


Look what I caught!


Why won’t the book open?


Darn it, I KNEW I’d forgotten something!


They grow old so fast.


Sneaking up on the enemy.


Drop bear.


I can eat the caterpillar, and my hand, and the world – simultaneously.


Sadly, her actual hair.

5-6 months:


Fascinated by her cousin.


Why do you want to eat the table, sweetheart?

Because it’s there.


Obviously hiding SOMETHING.


Kissing frogs.


Easy to hold onto, not so easy to put in her mouth.


And the feeling is mutual.


Whatever works.


Mirror, mirror – who on earth is in there?


Suspicion versus further fascination.


Dressed as the hungry caterpillar, and hungry for the hungry caterpillar book. (The combination of outfit and book was deliberate.)



6-7 months:


and three seconds earlier:

img_0001_11 img_00161

How does she already know she wants lollies? She’s not on solids yet.


Nom nom.


Saucepan!!!!! Woooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks, poppy. I’ll be taking that now.


Would you keep down that racket?


And then the Irishman said, “I’ll be having mine with potatoes!”




Once she could crawl, it suddenly got very difficult to keep her in frame.


But I LIKE drinking this way.

img_0001 (1)


8-9 months:


Nom nom.




Hark! Is that Prince Charming, come to take me away on his white horse?


Just not that impressed.


Box!!!! Wooo!!


Mister? Mister, wake up!


Her natural hairstyle.


Being a baby takes a lot of concentration.


Nom nom.


Yes, she’s blowing a raspberry (her idea; she invented the technique without ever seeing it done). Yes, that’s a grand piano in the background.


Nom nom.


I believe I mentioned she suddenly became a great deal harder to photograph. This represents 90% of the photos I’ve taken ever since.


Nom nom.


Buddy? Are you okay up there?

9-10 months:


Punk princess.


Pushing boundaries.


Still working on that “eating” technique.


Bad hair day.

img_00042 img_00061

Yes, she’s genuinely asleep with her face on her own legs.


Eating a peg and apparently kind of angry about it.


What do you mean she’s not a chew toy? (This is after repeated attempts at sucking on her littlest cousin – not all of them unsuccessful.)


This is such a drag.


Is it coffee time or what?


Talk to the hand.


Baby death-glare.


Truth in advertising (read her shirt).


Mmm. . . coke. . .


And THIS is how I get dow—arg!


About time somebody cleaned up around here.

10-11 months:




Eeevil baby.


A little but of shush, please. I’m talking.


Ten seconds later:



Leggo of me, Poppy! I’m doing fine.


Would she gain the ability to reach the presents before Christmas? It was a close-run thing.

11-12 months:


Nome nom. a24.12.12.4

Nom nom.


Who says you need a dog to tidy up?


Marry me, Justin Bieber!!!!


I ordered my latte five minutes ago. Where IS that incompetent new assistant of mine?


Is there something on my face?


Aargg, noooo!!!


Aaaalmost there. . . .


Not happy, Jan.


Cleanliness is next to annoyingness.


I gotta drink up before they find me.


Eureka! One year old!

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