Staplegunning the plot

June 26, 2009 at 7:22 am (Writing Ranting) ()

Ben pointed out that the fart book I wrote contained (a) farting, and (b) romance – which don’t suit the same age group.  After questioning several of my students (between 8 and 14 years of age) it was clear that he was right.

My problem wasn’t that the romance didn’t suit the age group (8-12) that I was going for, but that the farts didn’t suit them (my two eight-year olds laugh uproariously at the word “bum” but my 11-year old thinks the book is dumb). So the romance (second-biggest plot) is gone – the girl in question is entirely deleted. I’m left with a much shorter book (which is necessary for the younger age) and a lot of holes that need to be staplegunned together.

It took me several days to deal with having written a “book” that will be about 7000 words (50,000 is a short book). I’m over that concept now, but struggling to get my head around the “new” book. I sit at my computer with the file open, and my body instinctively twists away so I’m not looking at it (then I go and write a blog entry 🙂  ).

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