Slice and Dice

July 27, 2009 at 1:54 am (Mental illness, twittertales media progress)

Cut myself for the second time on the evil coathanger of death (the ‘slice’ of the title).

The ‘dice’ roll of my media progress seems to be going well. It’s all about reaching a tipping point of momentum where people tell their friends, who tell their friends. Definitely not there yet – but the story hasn’t started.

The primary mania period for my twitter tale obsession is long gone – I cried crazily at a family get-together on Friday, and slept about twenty hours on Saturday. Generally I’m doing really well.

I try not to think about how slender my chances at success are – I am literally attempting to make myself famous. It’s not a dignified process


  1. Ben (Crispin) said,

    Incidentally, have you ever considered THROWING THE COATHANGER AWAY!?! – Or would that just be silly?

    And when it comes to the indignities and lengths that people will go to to achieve fame, look at this famous example:
    Though I would remind you that he was burned to death, and thus you should probably think twice before following his – admittedly successful – fame-garnering technique…

  2. Ann said,

    would you like me to get you some nice safe plastic coathangers for your birthday?

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