#141: Broadway Day

July 11, 2010 at 9:16 am (Cthulhu pics, Daily Awesomeness)

Oh what a beautiful moooooorrrrrniiiiiing!

The funny thing about movies is they take a REALLY long time to watch. Especially “Oklahoma”. My friends and I watched the three-hour version (with Hugh Jackman), and it is SO not suitable for children. Wow! I think it gave me nightmares. Drugs, murder, assault, racism, and at least two things I never ever even mention on this blog (both of which happened in song, too).

We also watched “Moulin Rouge” (which I love, and always have – I was devastated the first time I saw it, because I was so hoping Satine’s predicted death was a metaphor). We planned to watch “Sweeney Todd” (speaking of the unsuitable-for-children variety of musicals) and “Singing in the Rain” (which actually *IS* the hearty, happy musical that we innocently expect from “Oklahoma”), but we ran out of time.

Also, I think something happened to our brains. (And no, there wasn’t any alcohol. At all.)

I have hazy recollections of Fay beating up Ben with a baguette, of myself lurking around the kitchen with a hammer, and of Fay doing strange and wonderful things to my hair.

If CJ is killed with a hammer, I’m going to be in soo much trouble.

I find it suspicious that no photos were taken of Fay beating up Ben. If he’s killed by a baguette, I for one will be asking questions.

Since I’m eating healthily these days, we ate hommus and turkish bread, home-made soup, cheddar-sprinkled corn kernels, and more hommus with celery, capsicum and carrot. And lasagna for dinner.

(I have successfully lured my second brilliant author to the blog this year – Sandy Fussell herself commented on S#29: Write to your idols.)

No cthulhus were harmed (this one’s from Flickr – he is facing the White House, with – as you can see – a thoughtful expression):


  1. W said,

    You forgot the *fabulous* subtext of it all. 🙂 I still like it.

    • twittertales said,

      Oh yeah! The gay subtext. Although more like “text”, as we all discussed (between gasps and snorts of laughter).

      Well, you know me – I’m just a girl who cain’t say no.

  2. Ben (Crispin) said,

    Baguettes hurt more than you might expect…

    • twittertales said,

      If the baguette breaks before your bones do, you’ve got nothin to whine about. Fay often beats you up at my parties, I notice.


  3. Fay said,

    In my defense, he always deserves.

    • twittertales said,

      Fay – so true. I never seem to have a baguette handy, though. (On the up side, sometimes I have an octopus.)

  4. Barbara said,

    Step away from my boy with that hammer – a mother’s urge to protect her offspring is a primal force and not to be underestimated …..

    • twittertales said,

      I promise to never hit CJ with a hammer. Ever. (Or a baguette.)

  5. Ben (Crispin) said,

    Hey, I NEVER deserve…

    *is hit by a flying baguette*

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