Three-Ingredient Thursday: Breakfast Fry-Up

July 15, 2010 at 11:38 am (Cthulhu pics, Daily Awesomeness, Food)

Oh heck yeah.

Here in Australia we call this breakfast “a fry-up”. In Britain they have “The Full English Breakfast” but I have it on reliable authority (ie, my British-born mum-in-law) that a full English breakfast must include sausages. The alternative name for this dish is “Bacon and eggs with potato”. It really does say it all.

I like my eggs poached, so I poached the egg and fried the rest (the potato went in about twenty minutes before anything else). This is a BRILLIANT way to start the day – particularly if you’re not dieting. It’s great if you’re going lactose free and only gradually getting used to the concept of soy milk on cereal (that’s soy milk in the glass – baby steps).

Tomorrow: Wedding photos! At last! And an amusing photo of Ben 🙂 Hi Ben. It’s a photo you haven’t seen yet. Sleep well tonight!

And here’s your cthulhu for today (because there’s nothing cuter than a planet-eating monster*):

*Except possibly a chainsaw. Chainsaws are super cute.


  1. W said,

    Crocheted Cthulhu is sooooo *cute*! One of my friends has the pattern for it (apparently it’s online somewhere). It almost seems worth learning to crochet in order to make one.

    • twittertales said,

      Quite a few of my gamer friends have kids. Quite of few of those kids won’t go to bed without their dragon and/or cthulhu.

  2. Ben (Crispin) said,

    *Concern bordering on terror*

    …Cuddles up to his chainsaw…

    • twittertales said,

      Just hand it over, Ben. All chainsaws iz belong to me

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