S#85: Random Club

July 22, 2010 at 10:54 am (Cthulhu pics, Daily Awesomeness)

On Steff Metal’s list of 101 ways to cheer yourself up (which you can find if you go to steffmetal.com and click on the link on the right) she wrote:

Open your gig guide, close your eyes, and point. That’s where you’re going tonight. Dress inappropriately, and make the best of it.

Since I am not at all acquainted with Canberra’s music scene (sad but true), I choose one of those free “What’s on in Canberra” magazines for my assigned awesomeness. I ended up with a craft day at the National Museum. One tiny problem: it was a craft day for under sixes.

So I borrowed a 5-year old “beard” from a friend (who was pathetically grateful), and wore a whole lot of purple.

There were about thirty under-sixes and free fairy bread, so it was a pretty unique experience (for me as a non-mum, anyway). My beard liked the giant lego. . .

. . . and the ability to glue things to other things.

To be fair, he was annoyed there was no TV or computer. But no tantrums, so all good.

One of the coolest things about the preschool crowd (other than not needing to change nappies any more) is they are the ultimate absurd comedians. My beard said things like:

 “Oh! This is the forest I came to last week. I saw kangaroos and dragons.”

“Last week, I came to this farm. There were horses, and sheep, and pigs. The pigs got killed. They were healthy pigs, very clean. And then I killed them.”

“Look! A rocket!”

“Are there dragons there? Dragons eat people.” [gales of delighted laughter]

“My aunt had a baby. It was in her stomach last week, and then it came out – of her BUM!” [gales of delighted laughter – the baby in question is now walking]

As you can tell, he’s recently discovered the existence of “last week”, and seen “How to Train Your Dragon.”

I once showed him a dead octopus, which he said was, “Yucky for eating.” I can only imagine he’d have a similar response to this pic from Flickr:

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