#119: Eat Fish and Chips at the beach

July 24, 2010 at 9:09 am (Cthulhu pics, Daily Awesomeness)

 You know what’s cool? The ocean. You know what else is cool? Lard. Combine the two, and the world is made of magic.

Guess where I am right now (or at least, as I prepare this post)?

I am in a beachside cottage with my parents (who are paying for the whole thing), my nephew, my brother and his wife, and my sister and her husband. Oh, and CJ 🙂 As I write I am eating post-fish and chips M&Ms and listening to the sound of waves trying and failing to lap over the threshold as I sit happily by a heater. The sound is also similar to:

Large amounts of cardboard ripping.

A house slowly falling down.

An intermittent waterfall.


Several old people muttering and shushing one another in the next room.

The fish and chips was excellent, thank you. It is the perfect holiday food.

In other news, Ben sent me his comments on H.P. Lovecraft’s original sketch of Cthulhu. He said:

This teaches us 3 things:

1. Lovecraft really couldn’t draw. Really.

2. Cthulhu resembles a Potato more than is generally recalled.

3. Damn that is cool handwriting.

The picture is from image shack

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