#219: Steampunk 21st Party

October 25, 2010 at 11:52 am (Daily Awesomeness, Steampunk Earth Day info)

I knew it’d be awesome, and it was.

I chose boot visibility over semi-accurate skirt length. My corset’s from Gallery Serpentine in Sydney.

Something else awesome happened at the party, but I’ll blog about that tomorrow.


  1. Steff Metal said,

    Beautiful! My corset (well, my only “strictly” actual tightlacing one, as I technically own 7) is a Gallery Serpentine, too. It’s forest green with a bit of black lace. So pretty and such good quality. I would spend thousands in that shop, if I had thousands.

    You have thousands! From your jewellery! Shopping spree … 🙂

    • twittertales said,

      Steff: Everyone who loves costuming loves Gallery Serpentine.

  2. Nick said,

    Holy Funkadelic, those boots would make George Clinton proud!

    • twittertales said,

      Nick: I don’t even know who George Clinton is, so I’m going to go google him, stat. They’re pretty intense to wear. Thank goodness I’m not a rock star.

  3. TimT said,

    A corset from Sydney?

    Of corset is…

    • twittertales said,

      TimT, that was infinitely more painful than any corset.

  4. malkovicht said,

    great dress!

    • twittertales said,

      Thanks Malkovicht.

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