I got you, babe: baby on the move

March 28, 2012 at 3:55 am (Daily Awesomeness)

Wow. Hong Kong and two months old. Louisette is doing amazingly well, although of course she has some bad times. She keeps getting super tired, but everything is so INTERESTING she gets all excited and wakes up. When breastfeeding (or bottle feeding for that matter) she lacks a certain focus, too, which is a problem.

This is the starbucks at Kowloon harbour just a little way down a street that has a Maccers on the harbourside corner. I was so impressed at having found a relatively discreet location that we went there on both our way in and our way out (both times there were girls on the most inside booth, which was fine, but the second time there were also some gentlemen – who were kind enough to move when I asked them too).

And that’s as racy as my blogly breastfeeding photos are going to get 🙂

Louisette really doesn’t deal with having a blanket over her face particularly well, and she often gets painful wind during a feed, so ultimately it just doesn’t work. I had CJ hold up the wrap like a curtain whenever I needed it. On the planes, I simply didn’t bother – and that worked a lot better. If anyone asked me to breastfeed, I would say no. Until Louisette was born, only CJ had ever seen my breasts. I’m so sad to have lost that, and only Louisette’s ignorance makes it okay.

My breasts are a lot less painful since accepting that formula was always going to be necessary (and letting Louisette demand feed instead of trying to stimulate milk production by constant feeding and expressing) but unfortunately it is clear that I’m one of those women for whom the body’s milk production process will always be painful. Yay me. . .


  1. Bonnee said,

    At least you’re modest and I think I’ve said this before 🙂

    • Louise Curtis said,

      Bonnee: Well, I used to be.

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