Kong Fu: Cheung Chau Island

March 29, 2012 at 11:17 am (Daily Awesomeness)

Cheung Chau Island has no cars, which SOUNDS like a haven of peace and gentle living. Not so. There are bicycle hoons everywhere, and the select few with licenses to drive a “cart” (a kind of quad bike with the volume of a Harley and a similar effect on conversation in the immediate vicinity) seem to be everywhere.

We ate lunch by the harbour, and they were passing constantly.

It is, however, packed with gorgeous narrow alleyways.

And islands are just always cool.

Narrow alleyway #2


Bonus door in wall (below), followed by paper dim sum (burning paper items gives them to ancestors in the afterlife – you can buy paper houses, massage chairs, iphones, etc). 

The below ferry took us from the middle of the island to the pirate cave end (saving us a walk, which was handy since the walk over that end of the island was quite steep for ladies who’ve recently had babies).


Graffiti is always cooler in Chinese, and cooler still on bamboo.

Lonely Planet described the pirate cave as “a hole in the rock” so when we saw some Chinese graffiti indicating an EXTREMELY narrow cleft between two hunks of rock, we thought we’d found the alleged cave. I call this picture “Me and my pirate hoard”. We’ve trying to make it look like it goes back further, but we’re in as deep as we could get.



This photo with Bil (having some formatting problems, sorry) was the real cave. If one was a spelunker (which one is not), one could go quite far inside. So. . . that was our pirate cave.


But the whole end of the island was gorgeous, and well worth the trip.

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