Know where to shop

April 10, 2012 at 11:32 am (Daily Awesomeness)

Too tired to write more words. Here’s something I prepared earlier (tomorrow: travelling with a tiny one: everything I’ve learned).

As I may have mentioned, CJ and Louisette and I have a wedding in Beijing (probably “have had” by the time I post this). I looked up the weekly forecast a little while before we left, and panicked. There was snow! There was “maximum 3 degrees”! Aieee!

Two Winters ago I finally said goodbye to the extremely¬†dishevelled leather overcoat I’d worn for about ten years. Last Winter I mostly stayed in bed, moaning. So I had no giant, reassuring coat with which to face Winter – or Beijing – this year.

The day after looking up that forecast I went to an op shop. I found a ridiculously giant, heavy coat that comes down to my knees. It was suede, lined from neck to knee with real sheepskin. And it was $15. I win!

Here’s hoping Beijing doesn’t warm up too quickly. . .

PS I totally wore it to Lush. It was perfect.

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