One-third of her life in pictures

April 18, 2012 at 1:51 pm (Project 365: A picture a day for a year)

Here is the first month of Louisette’s life, and here is the second.

Here is the third:





























































As CJ pointed out, she has spent one-sixth of her life travelling.


  1. Belle said,

    Wow! 3 months already!!! Holy crap! She is now as old as d was when we came for Christmas. Crazy. She is incredibly cute by the way. Such a good looker. Aren’t you glad I was right about the dark hair?? I feel it adds a certain something 🙂

    • Louise Curtis said,

      Belle: It’s not easy to pull off the bald look, especially as a girl. . .

  2. Bonnee said,

    Three months?! Really?! 😀 She is soooo adorable!!!

    • Louise Curtis said,

      Bonnee: I know?!?! Three months is SO OLD! This time next month she could be eating food. Ai carumba.

      And yes, she certainly is 🙂

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