Cold Rock Baby

May 1, 2012 at 7:45 am (Daily Awesomeness, Food)

CJ and I said we’d have Cold Rock Ice Cream when I wasn’t pregnant. . . and I’m not. That’s excuse enough 🙂

You select an ice cream flavour, then select fillings (basically, a wide variety of lollies – mostly mini chocolate bars – and some fruit). The staff member puts them on a cooled slab of rock and bashes them together to combine, like so:

The above is CJ’s choice: Butterscotch ice cream with Turkish Delight, raspberries, and cookie dough.

I have learnt from experience that three fillings is the right amount, and anything bigger than a medium cup is too much. I feel that people have a choice to go either the fruit route or the candy combination, but as it turned out CJ and I both crossed genres today, and both combinations were exquisite.

I had forest berry sorbet with mini M&Ms, a caramello koala, and cookie dough. Here it is as modelled by our associate:

It is delightfully insane to think that in six weeks I could have chosen to share some of it with her.

It is also delightful that this was good for her: seeing us eating colourful food with spoons at a table. One of those rare times when eating ice cream garners positive parental points instead of negative ones. Yay us.


  1. sarahsfoodieblog said,

    I went to a place like that when visiting Florida…..fantastic!

    • Louise Curtis said,

      Sarah: Ooh, a food blogger. The problem with blogging about food is that I wrote this post less than a week ago, and then when I checked it over this morning before posting, it started a brand new craving. Fie upon you, deliciousness of the world!

  2. W said,


    That is all.

    • Louise Curtis said,

      W: *sigh*

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