Canberra in Autumn

May 21, 2012 at 7:54 am (Daily Awesomeness)

It’s not hard to see why Autumn is my mum’s favourite Canberra season:

What’s your favourite season where you are?

PS Hello to my Ukraine readers: I have no idea where you came from, but you’re welcome here.


  1. W said,

    Up here I’m really liking right now. It’s warm, but not hot, or deliciously cool. I don’t have to wear a jacket, but I can wear jeans or shorts comfortably, depending on what I feel like or need to wear.

    That said, the locals are already wearing jackets. It’s 25-27C tops most days, and only getting down to about 17-19C at night. *laugh* I’d better laugh now, because I hear that I’ll probably be doing the same thing next year.

    • Louise Curtis said,

      Content W: I hate you.

      Homesick W: Yes, that is the one thing I can find it in my heart to truly love about autumn.

  2. W said,

    PS – *sigh* I miss autumn leaves already.

  3. Bonnee said,

    I love summer in Victoria. I hate being cold. Unfortunately, there is a downside, which as of late has given me a new appreciation for the colder months; warm is not ideal cuddling weather when it comes to the significant other. I like cuddles. I guess you can always put more layers on when you’re alone.

    • Louise Curtis said,

      Bonnee: I’d forgotten about cuddling. Thanks for the timely reminder as Winter looms large!

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