June 7, 2012 at 2:39 am (Daily Awesomeness)

As previously advertised, CJ and I went to a live music gig at The Front Cafe Gallery in North Lyneham (yes, near Tillies). We took Louisette – it’s not like it’s even her first gig. The cafe gallery is all pretty small, and the main room was (rather close) standing room only – so we mostly hung out in the gallery section. A number of gorgeous and highly breakable artefacts were on display, which added a certain element of risk to proceedings, and it was convenient for Louisette’s future hearing that the gallery room was much quieter.

CJ and I both dressed up for the occasion, and spent a little time waltzing about with Louisette strapped to my chest and giggling.

I confess it was awesome to go to a gig and still be able to sit in a couch.

Flap! was awesome. They’re a jazz group with an almost circus feel – slightly manic, very brassy, and VERY fun. Here‘s a youtube clip of one of their songs (not even in the top three of my favourites). If you go here, you can listen to two of my favourites – “Down Down Down” and “Poor Man” for free.

There was one person at the gig who didn’t seem that impressed – she just grabbed a beer and then passed out. Typical.

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