Rocking the roll

June 13, 2012 at 10:17 am (Food)

This week Louisette discovered how to roll from her back onto her front (which is harder than front to back, which she’s done once or twice a week since Mothers’ Day). We walked into her room in the morning and found her on her tummy, terribly pleased with herself. Then she did it several more times that day. I predicted it wouldn’t be a good night. . . and it wasn’t. I had to go in and turn her over twice*. Since then she’s got a little better at turning front to back, but we still often hear a particularly strident cry well before she’d normally wake up – and sure enough, she’s on her belly with the same helpless fury as a Christmas beetle waving its legs in the air.

She also had her first projectile vomit this week. She only managed about a foot in distance, but (giving credit where credit is due) that IS almost half her height. It was a reaction to her first taste of protein: tofu.

Now I know what you’re thinking, dear reader: “That’s uncanny! I projectile vomit at the thought of tofu too!” As yet it’s unclear whether it’s truly tofu her body rejected or the whole concept of protein as a food group. We’ll try a different protein once a week has passed, and see what happens.

Because she’s still at the tail end of her cold, she’s wanting more frequent feeds. This means six bottles a day instead of five – in addition to the three solid feeds a day. It’s a little like having a job where one aspect involves getting an electric shock nine times a day, and knowing that the force of the shock is random. It might be little more than an inconvenience, or it might be thoroughly painful. But either way, there’s another on the way first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and averaging every two hours in between.

I don’t know if she’ll cry, scream, spit up, stain her clothes, stain my clothes, pull my hair (yes I tie it up and out of the way, but there’s not much more I can do short of lacquering it to my skull) or all of the above – but I’m pretty much guaranteed to get at least one. Shockingly, I’m not loving the experience.

It could be worse: I could still be breastfeeding (although it’s clear my body is yet to realise I’ve stopped).

It’s worth noting that Louisette remains awfully cute and rather better company than most adults I know.**

Next week you’ll be seeing another month’s worth of photos, but here’s one or two to tide you over til then. Cross-species interaction has begun (for better or worse):




*For some parents, this would have been their best night since their kid was born. I am so glad not to be one of them.

**Not you. Others.

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