August 22, 2012 at 7:49 am (Daily Awesomeness)

It turns out Louisette is fascinated by her two-week-old cousin. Which is awesome.


Also somewhat concerning.



Given that Louisette can now happily crawl across a room, and is on the verge of being able to then pull herself into a standing position. . .

. . . we have to do two things immediately:

1. Assume that everything in the house up to a height of 150cm (almost my height) is hers to destroy (I changed the books on this shelf last Friday).


Last weekend CJ went on a shopping spree at Bunnings and we spent many hours making her room and our living area as safe as possible for a crawler (I suspect based on the way she climbs over us that she is soon going to surpass our current safety level). I used up a whole roll of gaffa tape attaching adjustable fences around heaters, cords, etc, and filled two two-hundred-DVD wallets with most of CJ’s TV and movie collection (you’ll note it suddenly belongs to CJ) so we could empty our lower shelves. And we placed a barrier on our TV equipment not a moment too soon:


2. Start the long journey of teaching her to be a good person. The words, “No!” “Ouch!” “Hot!” “Yucky!” and “Gentle!” will be sung in and endless chorus for the next few years, and I’m even more scared by that than by #1.

At least we don’t have to focus on social niceties yet – just harm to others, herself, and our stuff.

I’m scared.


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