September 5, 2012 at 9:30 pm (Daily Awesomeness)

My baby girl is going into hospital to have surgery tomorrow. Well, technically. In my view, if you’re not going into someone’s insides then it’s not really surgery. I suppose technically that’d be amputation, but that hardly seems right for an extra bit of Louisette that has no useful function – namely, the little extra bit of skin on her cheek near her ear. You can see it a bit in this sequence of photos from this morning:









As her mum, a little bit of extra Louisette is no problem – but if I can reduce the amount of childhood teasing she’ll get, then I’m in. And so CJ and I are taking her to hospital tomorrow, where she’ll have her first anaesthetic (she’s already had a tongue tie cut, but that didn’t need anaesthetic and thus didn’t require time spent in hospital to monitor for possible side effects). For me the scariest part is trying to coordinate up to four solid meals (using only types of food she’s already eaten several times, and including vegetables, starch, fruit, and protein), six bottles (we own four), a number of vomit or food-related outfit changes, entertainment that doesn’t involve letting her chew on electrical cords (the girl loves to get her new teeth into cords), and a near-infinite supply of nappies and wipes. 

But tomorrow the deed will be done, and that’ll be a relief. 

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