First Christmas

December 30, 2012 at 11:16 pm (Daily Awesomeness)

One of the excellent side effects of having a baby in January is that by the time their first Christmas rolls around they actually get it. Louisette mastered unwrapping in moments (sometimes using her teeth) but tended to actually look at and examine the contents (and of course the paper) instead of hurling it aside and plunging into the next gift. Does she not understand Christmas at all??

It was an excellent day(s), and we used up six camera batteries. Need I say more?

IMG_0001_2 IMG_0001_3


The grandparents were super awesome and asked us what we recommended for Louisette’s presents.

One side bought her a proper walker. She began using her car as a walker literally on Christmas Eve. Perfect timing!

The other side bought two of those cot toys that you hang on the bars – very important as well as fun, because she’s been getting nightmarishly difficult to settle, and having something mildly amusing (and, ideally, something that she doesn’t immediately throw onto the floor) is the best thing for keeping her sitting or lying inside the cot until she realises she’s sleepy. (We’ll be doing some serious sleep training these holidays, while CJ is here for moral support and I have barely any work.)

We bought her an “adventure” tent – two small tents with a tunnel joining them:


My mum was disturbed that I hadn’t asked for anything super expensive (not for Louisette, anyway 🙂 ) and when I saw Louisette’s 2-year old cousin playing with a cardboard box I said, “That! Get her a cardboard box like that!” It says plenty about her age group that Louisette absolutely LOVES it:




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