Take that, Maxwell Smart

March 24, 2013 at 8:40 pm (Daily Awesomeness)

This week, Louisette (who has been wandering around the place holding a toy mobile phone to her ear and saying, “Hello! Hello!”) invented the shoe-phone.

I took photos, but I’m still having technical problems so I’ll have to show you later.


  1. Will said,

    Symbolic play! That’s an excellent part of development. You know for sure she’s got an imagination, now, because she knows it’s a shoe, but can pretend that it is a phone instead. It’s a good sign of not having autistic spectrum disorders, too.

    • Louise Curtis said,

      She also pours invisible water from a bottle into a cup before drinking it, and has just started offering me invisible water too. Imagination is AWESOME!!!!!

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