Aw! Her first rude word!

June 18, 2013 at 11:51 pm (Daily Awesomeness)

IMG_1910At a certain age, children start to swear. Not on purpose (that comes later), but through simple sound mangling. This week, Louisette started to say, “Sock”. Except of course she didn’t quite get it right. I tried to correct her, and help her get it right before she starts yelling naughty things at the post office.

“Ssssssssock,” I said.
“Ssssssscock,” she said.
Good try, sweetheart. Good try.


  1. W said,

    At least let her do it once. Then you have an(other) embarrassing story for 16th/18th/21st birthday parties.

    Or just say she did. 😉

    • Louise Curtis said,

      “Let” her? I have no choice. And today she started saying, “Clock”, too – with the same result.

      Louise Curtis

      • W said,

        I mean at least once in the most embarrassing place you can think of. (I’m thinking a quiet time during church, or the next wedding you go to).

      • Louise Curtis said,

        W: So what I should do is go to a wedding and hold a sock in front of Louisette. That’d work…

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