Louisette likes a bad boy. . . already

July 2, 2013 at 7:56 pm (Daily Awesomeness)


Last week I worked a full 38 paid hours for the first time in about ten years. . . and I didn’t even get sick! Most of that was at the child care centre that will also be Louisette’s school (she’s already enrolled, and I’m almost always in the same room as her). I’m utterly fascinated by the clear personalities and friendships among the 1-year olds.

The group as a whole is brilliant – happy, healthy, and gorgeous. It’s my belief that 1-year olds aren’t actually “naughty”. They can be “cheeky”, they can certainly disobey the grown-ups (habitually or otherwise) and they can absolutely be “high-maintenance” but it’s too early to say that naughtiness is a part of who they are – because they’re trying it out, along with everything else.</p

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