Tiger?? Where?!?

November 3, 2014 at 9:40 pm (TJ daily photos)

Today was interesting (=not sarcasm=). I put this sheep in TJ’s cot a while ago because it’s small enough to be fairly safe, and is gently-coloured enough not to be too stimulating, and I felt it might comfort him to hold on to it with the hand I’m not holding as I settle him. So I was interested when he turned straight to it when I put him in the cot today, letting go of me. I took these photos. See if you can spot the moment he noticed I was photographing him.

IMG_9144 IMG_9145


TJ’s favourite toy is/are his towels (we call them “TJ Towels” rather than “Spew cloths”). People make cloths specially for babies – we have several. He doesn’t like them. He likes the towels.

I noticed he was putting the sheep across his eyes, so I cut one of his towels in half (to minimise suffocation risks) and gave it to him. Then I left. I came back when he cried and replaced his dummy, then left again – and he went to sleep. Later in the day, drunk on hope, I gave him the sheep and mini-towel again, and left. He fell asleep for an hour!

To put this in a little bit of perspective – with Louisette, we gradually weaned her off us to the point that we could sit in a chair and read a book while she settled to sleep. But at one year of age, that would take up to an hour and a half! At that point we did controlled crying, and after a week putting her to bed was virtually instant. It was the right strategy at the right time (and it’s all changed since, especially lately – she’s into the classic “Needs 48 stories and complicated bedding arrangements before she’ll consider lying down briefly” phase).

In other news – dress-ups. I bought the ears for Louisette today, delighted to have found some. TJ wearing them so well was a bonus.

IMG_9151 IMG_9155

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