March 7, 2015 at 5:04 pm (TJ daily photos)

After meeting his paternal aunt and uncle for the first time last week, TJ met his godparents today (who are also his aunt’s parents). The next few days are brimming with thrilling activities with the godparents before they’re off to foreign parts again (they usually live in Hong Kong).

Today we visited Boundless playground and Aspen Island (the one with the National Carillon on it), and had a massive get-together with the entire family – all his cousins, every aunt, every uncle, every grandparent, and every godparent. Plus a great-uncle to take the photos, so we didn’t end up with one of those awkward one-person-missing pictures (plus my uncle’s a pretty awesome photographer, and brought his own camera and tripod). The last time we got the WHOLE family together was for Louisette’s first birthday party (which we delayed for a month so we could get the full set). Of course TJ didn’t exist then, so the urge to update in full has been itching at me for a while. I can’t possibly express in print how tricky it is to coordinate that many people. . . but it all worked out in the end. I might just stick with fathers’ side/mothers’ side in future!

And, of course, godparents. That’s them in the middle


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