The Virus Diaries: Big News in TJ Town

March 25, 2020 at 8:05 pm (Cat pics, Fully Sick, general life, Mum Stuff)

Yesterday, I received money! From the internets!

I think this means I just monetised my blog. Amazing.

But that’s not the big news of the day. As per yesterday’s announcement, it’s all about TJ, and specifically his teeth.

Way back when his big sister was losing teeth and we laughingly told TJ that his teeth would fall out in a few years, he was very disturbed by the whole idea (even when we explained how adult teeth are coming through, and that it doesn’t hurt, and told him the current going rate for the tooth fairy).

Over time, he became reconciled to the possibility that he might one day make the switch, bit by bit, to adult teeth. Then he began looking forward to it, and we assured him that it would happen automatically; he didn’t need to do anything but his teeth would eventually start to fall out (and not all at once either).

Last year, he told me he had a sore tooth. “This one?” I asked, pushing down on it gently.

“Yes,” he said, in his most pathetic maybe-I-can-stay-home-from-school-tomorrow voice.

“It’s not hurt,” I told him, testing and confirming my hypothesis as I spoke. “It’s wobbly.”

And there was much rejoicing.

That really was last year. Before the fires, floods, smoke, and hail of last Summer, and before COVID-19 affected our lives in any way. A good chunk of his lifetime ago, proportionally speaking.

Then last night he ran into my room and threw himself face-first onto my bed (this is how he enters my room). “Mum! Mum! Mum!” he said. “My tooth is super duper wobbly, look!”

He was not wrong. I told him it would definitely fall out within the next few days. (He declined my offer of assistance.) We took a photo to send to Daddy, and called him to tell him. Daddy was suitably impressed.

Then TJ tried a variety of pain-free techniques his Poppy had shown him: Blowing on his tooth. Dancing. Nodding. Nothing happened. So he ran around the house a few times screaming, “I’m so excited! I can’t believe this is really happening!” and then came back and hurled himself at my bed again.

Then he looked up at me, and I saw his cheeky face freeze in surprise and consternation. My stomach dropped in maternal fear.

He opened his mouth, and his tooth fell out into his hand.

The penny dropped for me a moment before it dropped for him: “Your tooth! That’s your tooth! It fell out!”

And he jumped up and down, and ran to tell his sister. And we called Daddy and told him. And we called Nana and Poppy and told them. And we took photos to send to the grandparents. And to Dad.

And there was much rejoicing.

Because sometimes staying home and slowing down is more epic and exciting than anything else could possibly be.

Resource of the day:

I haven’t read this article yet, but I’m extremely excited to watch Picard! [Editor: That’s only relevant to the US, but we can buy some Amazon Prime to watch it ourselves.]

Donation of the day:

People are still having babies, and it can be a very lonely time even when the world isn’t mid-plague. These guys help, and there’s a DONATE button at the top.

Personal action of the day:

If you’re not fully isolated (or sick) yet, hire a cleaner. They might need the cash at the moment, and they’re the professionals at this stuff.

Hoarding item of the day:

Winter jackets. We won’t need them for at least a month or two, but better to get it done now if you can. It’s easy to buy awesome winter jackets online (keeping in mind that mail can get COVID-19 on it so you may want to keep the parcel outside for up to two weeks before opening it).

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