Zipper and Zoom: Recovering

May 3, 2020 at 10:40 pm (Cat pics)

I fed Zoom four times altogether yesterday. She polished off the first two meals, ate some of the third, and refused the fourth. Around 2am, she threw up again (not the food, but the white foam that indicates stomach issues), so I reduced her feedings to half a teaspoon three times today, and that seemed to work well. We’ll see if she throws up or shows any other signs of distress overnight.

(She’s using the litter tray perfectly, by the way.)

I’m worn out so that’s all I got for the blog today. Except more pics, of course.

I didn’t put her on that post, by the way.


While I was cooking dinner and TJ was playing with Zoom in my room he called out to be rescued twice because Zoom kept settling down on his back (and yes, this happened because he kept lying on his stomach).

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