Zipper and Zoom: Into The Unknooooooowwwwwnnn!

May 4, 2020 at 7:48 pm (Cat pics)

Zoom did not vomit again last night, and she finished all her food, so I was leaning towards not calling the vet. But he called us (completely unprompted), and we talked about half an hour. This was Kippax Vet (in Holt), who are doing a great job socially isolating (no one goes into their surgery, but they talk to people on the phone from the carpark, and the animal goes inside). The vet who saw Zipper on Saturday was on his day off today, but I’m so grateful he called and I was able to check my food plans were good for her and that there’s nothing else I should be doing.

She’s getting more playful as she feels better, and now gets quite loudly lonely if I leave the room, so I’m taking her into the living room more and more. She’s also curious about Zipper, and Zipper is getting more used to her too. Zipper’s attitude is now mostly, “What have you stupid humans done now?”

Given Zoom’s health, I was planning to take things even slower than before… but it was clear Zoom wanted to be out and about. It occurred to me that a sleepier, more passive Zoom was less scary for Zipper. So I waited until Zoom was thoroughly sleepy (but still in the living room) and then put her down in the living room, right next to me at first, to see what happened.

Zipper was tense, but crept a little closer and a little closer… while Zoom attempted to crawl inside our column heater (she didn’t burn herself, but I was scared she would), and remained on the verge of sleep. She actually displayed excellent cat etiquette, slowly blinking her eyes and not making any sudden moves. We may yet get genuine cat friendship out of these two.

We’ll probably have another heavily-supervised ‘loose’ period after the kids are asleep tonight.

Zoom also growled for the first time today: not at Zipper, but at me when she thought I was taking her food away before she was done.

And she had her first brush, with Louisette (who brushes Zipper every so often and knows how to be gentle). The brush itself is blurry in this pic.

In other news, TJ has continued shooting baskets in our yard and today he reached 100! An epic achievement.

I’ve spent some time outside (in the hammock, as usual) lately, partly to inspire TJ to burn off some energy, partly to help Zipper feel better (she loves it when we’re outside), and partly because I thought the terrifying spectre of Zoom might make her so desperate for reassurance that she’d jump in the hammock with me.

No such luck.

Of course Zoom would LOVE to come in the hammock with me, but she’s not allowed outside.

One day, my pretty.

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