Top 5 Scenes in the MCU: Infinity Saga

July 11, 2020 at 1:50 pm (Reviews, TV/movie review, With a list)

5. Captain Marvel beats up everybody.

It’s so cathartic, not just after all the gaslighting Danvers has been through in her own movie, but after all the years we waited to have a female hero with her own film.

4. Hulk vs Thor in Ragnarok

I’ll be honest: a lot of fight scenes are pretty boring. Not this one. There are so many emotional beats to this scene that it tells a full story. Thor is delighted to see Hulk; Thor tries and fails to get Hulk to recognise him; Thor fights; Thor attempts to calm Hulk to get Dr Banner to reappear; more fighting, etc

Meanwhile we also have Loki and the Grandmaster watching the show, and there is another story playing out as Loki sees the Hulk (remembering him very clearly from his rag doll moment in Marvel’s The Avengers), and has to act like he’s having fun in front of the Grandmaster while at the same time watching his brother get beaten up (or not?)

3. Baby Groot dancing while the Guardians attack a big tentacle monster (and keep an eye on him at the same time).

This is joyful, character-filled, and hilarious. It’s a stunning opening to a sequel.

2. Captain America and The Winter Soldier fight on a crashing helicarrier as Steve tries to get through to Bucky.

This is a fight that matters on an emotional level, while also challenging Captain America physically because it’s not easy to have a fight in which you’re trying not to hurt the other guy (much).

1. The Dusting.

Marvel spent so long making sure we knew that the heroes would always win and everything would be okay, and then they broke everything and everyone.

Honorable mentions:

*The airport scene in Civil War.

*Peter Parker’s home video of the airport scene (Spider-Man: Homecoming).

*The battle for New York in Marvel’s Avengers —bonus points for the fact that it has consequences eg Vulture, Loki’s failure, Earth knowing about aliens now. And it makes a fantastic backdrop for time travel scenes in Avengers: Endgame.

*Star-Lord dancing, stealing the orb, and then announcing his hero name… to confusion (Guardians of the Galaxy).

*Stark vs Captain America (and technically Bucky) in Civil War.

*War rhinos, and the confrontation between Okoye and M’Baku that ends the battle in Black Panther.

*Stark and Nebula dying in space. Nebula softening emotionally, and Stark talking to Pepper via his helmet recording (Endgame).

*Endgame final battle.

*Grief for Stark after his death (several scenes, but they work together perfectly) in Endgame.

*Steve Trevor finally dancing with Peggy (Endgame).


What’s your favourite scene?

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