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October 30, 2020 at 11:47 am (Uncategorized)

2020 is OVER and so is the 2020 Gift Shop and the ‘Tinsel Island’ Christmas display.

But the GoFundMe is still active!

Our Christmas fundraisers gained us a little over $500.

I am the coordinator of the Castle of Kindness Refugee Sponsorship Group. We are currently participating in the Community Refugee Sponsorship Initiative‘s Mentor Program in preparation for sponsoring a refugee family in 2021-2022. Sponsoring a family means taking care of them in a myriad of ways: we’d pay their airfares, meet them at the airport, take them to a house we’d set up for them, and stay in close contact for a full year. We’d help them with English, with paperwork, with the school system, with weird Australian customs, and with meeting more local people (and organisations) so they can grow their own lives here in Canberra. We’d also back them financially for their first year—that is, if they were unable to work for whatever reason, we would pay for all of their living expenses until they could go onto Centrelink/Disability Payments.

If you’d like to donate directly, you can email me at with ‘Castle of Kindness’ in the subject line, or simply donate to the GoFundMe.

This is our beautiful sponsorship group. Please don’t comment on the fact that four of us are floating heads; they’re very self-conscious about it.

From November 1-December 31 this year, we are running a Fundraising Gift Shop. Authors, artists, and others have donated a huge collection of wonderful items and services. Every dollar you spend here (with the exception of postage fees) will go directly into our refugee fund.

HOW TO BUY STUFF: Comment here with your email, and pay by PayPal using OR mention your preferred payment method in your comment and I’ll email you details. Most of the books here are donated by the author, so please tell us who you would like them signed to! Some of us will even gift-wrap and label them for you so they can be sent directly to your loved ones! Please allow lots of time for postage this year.


For younger kids:

Octopus and Family: Kid-Friendly Edition by Annabelle Lee

A picture book of terrible octopus puns that kids (and weird adults) love.

Remaining Copies: 3

Cost: $20

Welcome to Australia by Felicity Banks

This is a bilingual picture book designed for migrant kids. There are three versions: English-Indonesian, English-Mandarin, and English-Spanish.

Please note: Although this book has been accepted by a publisher, it is not yet finished, let alone printed. It is unlikely to be ready in time for Christmas.

Remaining copies: 10

Cost: $25

For kids 8+ but each one of these is truly for all ages (arranged roughly in order of youngest recommended reader age)

The Adventurous Princess and other Feminist Fairy Tales by Erin-Clare Barrow

This is a beautifully illustrated book of short stories that are both familiar and new.

Remaining Copies: SOLD OUT

Cost: $25

Magic in the Mail: Feuding Fae by Felicity Banks and many more

This is a story told through three parcels that are posted to you once a week for three weeks. Each parcel contains several pieces of art, at least one physical object, and a question for you to answer (but getting it wrong doesn’t hurt the story at all).

A phoenix child is missing. Have the dragons taken her?

Remaining Copies: 20ish

Cost: $70

(You can buy them here if you want more payment options and/or want to pay postage.)

Anne of Green Gables graphic novel (not by one of my author friends)

Remaining Copies: SOLD OUT SORRY

Cost: $20

Books (an illustrated book about books, with great retro illustrations)

Not by one of my author friends, so can’t be signed for you.

Remaining Copies: 1

Cost: $20

The Monster Apprentice and/or The Princess and the Pirate by Felicity Banks

Rahana is a world like Narnia, but with pirates.

Book 1: When Dance’s island is threatened, she knows their only hope of survival lies with the monsters that killed her sister.

Book 2: Princess Ana is sent to find her long-lost grandmother and bring her home. But Captain Sol is a vicious pirate, and she has her own plans.

Remaining Copies: 20ish

Cost $18 per book

(You can buy them here if you want more payment options and/or want to pay postage.)

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente

This series is a beautiful, funny, bittersweet treat. I don’t want to say any more in case I ruin it.

Copies Remaining: It’s a secret

Cost: $18

Be Warned! These will be posted from outside Australia, so if you want them to arrive by Christmas (despite COVID-19), you need to buy them NOW.

For young adults and adults:

The Antipodean Queen Trilogy: Heart of Brass, Silver and Stone, and Iron Lights by Felicity Banks

High adventure in a magical steampunk Australia. Each book has a bonus interactive short story at the back.

Copies Remaining: 20ish

Cost: $24 each or $60 for all three.

(You can buy them here if you want more payment options and/or want to pay postage.)

Magic in the Mail: Emmeline’s Empire by Felicity Banks and others

This story is a steampunk romance told through letters, objects and art (similar to Magic in the Mail: Feuding Fae except it is sent as a single parcel). It is set in the same universe as The Antipodean Queen Trilogy (and a stripped-down version of the story is included with Iron Lights but doesn’t include any of the objects or most of the art).

Remaining Copies: 20ish

Cost: $60

(You can buy them here if you want more payment options and/or want to pay postage. Or want to buy it in a pack with the three novels.)

Murder in the Mail: A Bloody Birthday by Felicity Banks and others

This is a cozy murder mystery told through letters, objects, and art (and set in Canberra). It is similar to the Magic in the Mail stories except. . . well, there’s a murder. There are clues throughout (including in the pictures) but, again, if you don’t catch the clues it won’t ruin the story for you. It was originally sent in 8 parcels but now it’s packaged into one. You can ration them out over 8 weeks if you have VERY good self-control.

Remaining Copies: 20ish

Cost: $70

(You can buy them here if you want more payment options and/or want to pay postage.)

Ashes of Olympus Series: The Way Home and The Ivory Gate by Julian Barr

These books are retellings of the ancient myths—full of battles, betrayal, and honour.

Remaining Copies: 2 of each book

Cost: $25

Cassandra by Kathryn Gossow

When the author told me she lives in a small town but hopes her kids get OUT I understood this book.

Remaining Copies: 3

Cost: $24

Champagne Charlie and the Amazing Gladys by BG Hilton

A rollicking steampunk adventure with a murder mystery (or two) at its heart.

Remaining Copies: 10

Cost: $25

The Chronicles of the Pale Trilogy: The Pale, Broad Plain Darkening, and The Ruined Land by Clare Rhoden

Dystopian fiction with flawed characters and a compelling story.

Remaining Copies: 3 of Book 1, 1 each of the others

Cost: $24

Please note: These will not be signed as they’re already in Canberra, and Rhoden is not.

Space Opera by Catherynne M. Valente

Y’all. This is Eurovision in space. It was also a Hugo finalist or whatever.

Eurovision. In Space.

Copies Remaining: It’s a secret.

Cost: $25

Be Warned! These will be posted from outside Australia, so if you want them to arrive by Christmas (despite COVID-19), you need to buy them NOW.

The Dark Poet interlinked short story collection by Kathryn Gossow

I haven’t read this book, since I know it’s too dark for me.

Copies Remaining: 3

Cost: $19

Grasping at Water by Carmel Bendon

A young woman is pulled, alive, from Sydney Harbour but the mysteries about her only deepen from there. This is a tale of motherhood, loss, and belief.

Remaining Copies: 4

Cost: $24


Babysitting (Canberra only)

Availability: 5 sessions

Cost: $20/hour for 1 kid; additional $5 per additional kid

Cleaning (North side only)

This is a bit different to everything else on this list, because the money would NOT go into the refugee fund—the cleaner is a new migrant, and she is looking for cleaning work. So the money goes directly to her.

Availability: Unlimited, including regular cleaning

Cost: $60/hour

Dinner (served at West Belconnen)

Menu and details are here.

Availability: 5 sessions

Cost: $100 per person

Editing (via email only) by Felicity Banks

Do you have a manuscript* that needs to be looked over by eyes other than yours? Do you need proofreading, a structural edit, or both?

Availability: 2 full-length manuscripts

Cost: $100 per thousand words; $150 for both a structural and a line edit.

*I will not edit books with certain types of violence

A Song Written and Sung For You (virtual only) by Robbie Matthews

You can check out his music and creativity here.

Availability: 1

Cost: $50

Tutoring: Maths (to Year 10) English (from Kindy to university level including English as a Second language), Indonesian (to Year 10), Adult Literacy.

Availability: 10 sessions

Cost: $50/hour


Diamond Pictures (some framed) by Erika Sargeant

This one is framed, and the frame has a stand so you can put it on a tale or shelf. It is 20 x 30cm.

This one is 20 x 25cm.

This one is 25 x 30cm. There is a frame available, but it would require a mat as the frame is larger.

This one is 20 x 30cm, framed (but there is no hook so you’d need to add string or something like that).

This is 20 x 15cm.

Availability: 1 of each (with a leopard on the way)

Cost: $15 unframed, $20 framed

A4 professionally framed Art Prints by Graham Gercken and Emma Losin (frames are A3 size)

These are really hard to photograph through the glass. . .

(scroll up to the Magic in the Mail: Emmeline’s Empire book to see what she actually looks like)

Availability: 1 of each

Cost: $50 each

Custom Framed Original Painting “Full Moon Beaming” by Michelle “Seashell” Bedford (approximately A2 size)

Availability: 1

Cost: $300

3D Magnets and Shadow Boxes by Wendy Bloomfield (including custom creations)

The mini boxes above can be magnets but I think they’re better hung on a wall. Only the one on the left is still available, but they can be made to order (and can even include small items that you’d like included such as single earrings). This one is still available, but has no magnets:

“Steampunk Laboratory” custom shadow box (not available but you can order another laboratory to be made for you).

“Beach House” custom shadow box. This one is not available, but you can order an original beach house shadow box.

Availability: Every item is unique, and can be made to order

Cost: $5 small; $10 mini shadow boxes; $25 larger shadow boxes.

3D Labyrinth Paintings by Wendy Bloomfield

Availability: Every labyrinth is unique

Cost: $10-$30 depending on size

Music by the Littmus Steampunk Band

This brilliant Australian steampunk band is well worth a listen. They specialise in story songs (not to mention albums). Check out their music here (and then email me to say which album you’d like to buy, and to arrange payment).

Availability: 10 albums

Cost: $12 for digital album


Mechanics Laboratory Car with Electric Motor (new in shrink wrap)

  • An extremely well-equipped laboratory where the principles of mechanics and engineering can be learned in an entertaining way.
  • The game contains more than 250 components with which 50 constructions of increasing complexity can be created.
  • It is even possible to build a helicopter, a motorised crane and a car with an electric engine in which a child can move the gear stick and steering wheel!
  • The large illustrated scientific manual will guide the child through the various stages of assembly, which can done in complete safety.
  • The concept, design, development and manufacture are entirely Made In Italy!
  • Recommended age: + 8 years old.

Availability: 1

Cost: $200

Toaster Oven (Canberra/Queanbeyan only but we’ll deliver it to you)

Yes it works.

Availability: 1

Cost: $20 including delivery to any location in Canberra or Queanbeyan.

Backyard BBQ (secondhand) Canberra only

Availability: 1

This is a great BBQ that has been well loved and cared for until it was put into a shed when people moved house.

Cost: Choose your donation amount. Anything from $50 and you’ll need to pick it up from Page (Canberra).

Literally gold and diamond jewellery

9ct gold and diamonds. Matching ring and earrings.

Availability: 1

Cost: $250 including postage (in the original box) within Australia

Hey look! You made it to the end. If you didn’t see anything you like but still want to contribute, here’s our GoFundMe.

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