Today’s Adventure

January 10, 2021 at 3:17 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s been a while since I made a post here, but this is a good one…. here’s how my day has been, as reported on facebook.

9:00am Sunday 10 January, 2021

3:00pm, Sunday 10 January, 2021

NB: International readers please note that “thongs” in Australia refers to flip-flops aka a type of plastic shoe often worn at the beach since they’re so easy to slip on and off.


  1. benoitsmithfr said,

    In France, thongs are known as… “tongs”!
    Thank you for such a thrilling read!

  2. Felicity Banks said,

    In the year 2000 I was living in Indonesia and the “Thong Song” was super popular. My Indonesian friends were shocked when I explained what he was singing about.

  3. benoitsmithfr said,

    Owch, I didn’t know about the *other* meaning…

  4. Felicity Banks said,

    Oh! The other two that come up constantly between US and Australian English are:

    Fanny pack…. ‘fanny’ is old-fashioned, but very rude. (And there are probably some old British women with Fanny as a name, which is just tragic to us Aussies.)

    “Rooting for”… has the bizarre meaning of ‘having sex for’ when in Australia.


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