Playground Tour 2021

March 27, 2021 at 11:06 pm (Uncategorized)

Today we tackled Playgrounds #1 and #2.

  1. Point Hut Playground, Gordon

The tower is much scarier to climb that one would think.

Lizzie took this picture of the view:

I misspoke six years ago, largely dismissing this playground. It’s definitely one of the best in Canberra, and richly deserves to be on this tour. There were several parties happening there today but there was still plenty of space for everyone. It’s really five or six playgrounds in one big grassy area (and a basketball court, and a brilliant picnic spot), and has enough range that my kids cheerfully bounced from one place to another. I’ve noticed they’re starting to outgrow playgrounds (even if they haven’t realised it themselves) but there was a great range of climbing stuff which is at a perfect level for them—both fun and challenging.

After that, a not-very-surprising spanner in the works: we could not go to the George Gregan Playground, because it’s in a hospital. Given the lack of cases in the ACT (for many months) I thought we’d be okay so long as we sanitised like mad coming in and out. Of course I was wrong. There’s a pandemic on.

So instead we went to the new playground in Ginninderry, which of course wasn’t there six years ago. It’s maybe half the size of Point Hut, which is still a very respectable size, with lots of different things to do.

That’s a combination soccer/basketball field behind the merry-go-round. And very pretty mountains.

This climbing frame set up (there are others as well) was definitely a hit with the kids.

Spinny thing.

It also has a pretty pond nearby, with a bridge over it. I love a good pedestrian bridge (that’s not it, but another climbing thing).

We have a week of school to go, but soon we’ll be on to playground #3: At the Cotter Reserve. Hopefully with a bunch of friends along too.


  1. Neil@kallaroo said,

    Playgrounds are much more fun than they used to be. When I was growing up the standard was a seesaw, slippery dip, swings, and a roundabout. School playgrounds used to have monkey bars. And lots of sand to fall on. Boring..

  2. Felicity Banks said,

    Absolutely! And you can see designers are trying to make them so that things can be played with in more than one (or two) ways. That big climbing frame is also monkey bars and various other things. Love it.

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