Playground Tour 2021: Finally Complete

June 1, 2021 at 2:05 pm (Uncategorized)

I promised my kids last school holidays that we’d get to John Knight Park sooner or later. That was six weeks ago. The days are growing colder, and I’m so easily tired.

Yesterday was a public holiday and a friend was at my house. She mentioned she was taking her kids to the park, and I asked if we could tag along. She said yes.

Not sure what number playground this was, but ten seemed a good bet.

Of course, everyone who grew up on the North side of Canberra remembers this particular playground as “The Snake Playground”. It is now several playgrounds, but the one with the snakes has been rebuilt. . . and they kept the snakes.

I was really glad to catch the kids playing on this roundy-roundy thing, as an echo of a photo from way back on the original playground tour (which I can’t currently find but oh well).

John Knight Park is gorgeous, with waterfalls and pools and the lake and ducks and trees. It is an excellent end to this second and final playground tour. And an excellent end to Autumn, too.

I’m so glad I took my kids to all these playgrounds while they were still (moderately) interested. Of course we’ll still go to playgrounds now and again for a while, but a big part of their childhood ended while I wasn’t looking. That’s parenthood for you.

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