IF Comp 2021: Review of “Universal Hologram”

November 13, 2021 at 2:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Last but not least…


I’m a little leery of scifi and of anything artsy, so let’s see how we go!

. . .

Ah, the writing instantly draws me in. Within minutes I’ve lost my sense of reality so thoroughly that when the test gives me an option to “look down” I don’t click on it. I physically look down at my lap.

This is gonna be quite a ride. . .

. . .

“…the energy signal of your soul blooms like a fiber optic flower…”

This person writes beautifully.

. . .

Aaand I’ve finished the game.

That was a TRIP you guys. The art and animations added greatly to the discombobulation and for a while I was happy to just mooch about here and there, feeling weirder and weirder. I had juust enough time to wonder if there was a point to it all when the game noticeably steered me towards a plot, which I followed for the rest of the story.

A lot of the time I only had one thing to click on, and I’m pretty sure all roads lead to the same main ending. It definitely made me feel things, though. There was worldbuilding, and humour, and decent characterisation.

I’ll give it an 8.


  1. Neil@kallaroo said,

    I don’t intend to play any of these games. But I have been enjoying your reviews. Thanks!

  2. kit said,

    Thank you for your very kind review! There are three main endings depending on whether you decide to go to U1 or not & whether you get hexed (which occurs after waking up on the second day). :)))

  3. Felicity Banks said,

    Thank you 🙂 I looove reading the IF Comp reviews.

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