Pandemic Playlist (mild adult content)

January 13, 2022 at 3:54 am (Uncategorized)

For me, there are two songs—both from early 2020—that simultaneously define the lockdown experience while also being oddly uplifting.

(Of course, if they were from now-ish, they’d probably be more focused on the experience of getting sick and/or knowing someone who is sick or in hospital, because sheer numbers are exploding and the only “lockdowns” seem to be isolation, quarantine, or people deciding for themselves that the government should be declaring lockdown but isn’t.)

This song is legitimately fun, but it’s WELL worth watching the video because the wordplay is exquisite.

And song #2 (yeah I’m not great on long playlists because I fall into a playlist black hole and I definitely don’t want to spend that much time focusing on the pandemic!)

Randy Rainbow does a lot of political parodies set to showtunes. And he has a gorgeous voice. This song is way, way better than the original (“Go the Distance” from Disney’s “Hercules”).

What songs are helping you cope at the moment, whether written specifically about awful sh*t or not?

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