How to donate to the ZamZam Foundation

April 3, 2022 at 8:16 am (Uncategorized)

UPDATE: I am no longer connected to the ZamZam Foundation (still busy running the Castle of Kindness Refugee Sponsorship Group, of course) and their new web site is

You can donate at any time through here.


The simplest way to donate (or to buy tickets to the launch on 11 June in Canberra) is to use our ticket booking page. Click this link.

Or you can contact me (Felicity Banks) directly. or 0402 548 978.

I will update payment options here as they get approved.

More financial information:

The treasurer of the Australian branch of the ZamZam Foundation is Asif Zahir. He has set up a designated bank account and PayPal account, but charities take a long time to be approved so we’re waiting for that at the moment.

Felicity Banks is the secretary of the ZamZam Foundation.

ZamZam Foundation is incorporated as an association in the ACT and has applied for an ABN. We plan to merge with an existing international charity (we are connected to two different charities so I won’t announce anything until we are farther along that road) but in the meantime continue ZamZam’s work in Afghanistan using the staff that are on the ground there.

More about ZamZam Foundation:

The ZamZam Foundation was founded in 2019 in Afghanistan by Dr Nilofar Ebrahimi MP. The goal was to support orphan women who want to be educated. Several women have gained their degrees with the help of the ZamZam Foundation. Right now, ZamZam is connected to eighteen women and three men who are seeking tertiary education. The women are very frustrated and discouraged, but the ZamZam Foundation is helping them to learn English online so that they have more choices in their lives. It also supports 250 families in three provinces with their basic needs, which is even more important since the Taliban took over.

Dr Ebrahimi is now a refugee in Canberra along with her husband and five children. Her focus is continuing to run the ZamZam Foundation.

She was the first female doctor in her province and one of the first female MPs in Afghanistan. It was such dangerous work that her family had to move to Australia seven years before the Taliban takeover, and when Dr Ebrahimi finally had to leave she took only a handbag with her.

Thank you for your support.

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