Welcome to Australia

July 13, 2022 at 8:29 pm (Uncategorized)

This is the finished version of “Welcome to Australia”, a book I started writing way back in 2019ish. It is designed to be read by immigrant and refugee children with their parents. 

Eventually there will be versions in Dari Persian, Mandarin, Indonesian, Arabic, and Spanish.

Update January 2023: The Indonesian translation is finished, checked, and being formatted. The Dari Persian version is finished but hasn’t had its final translator check yet. The Mandarin and Spanish versions are with volunteer translators.

Update 6 February 2023: The English and Indonesian/Malay versions are going to the printer TODAY. The Spanish, Mandarin, and Dari Persian versions are all finished and awaiting formatting. The Arabic is… not started yet. But we’ll get there eventually!

See the Indonesian/Malay version in full here!

Comment here, buy a copy in my store, or email FBanksBooks@gmail.com to get your copy.

YES there will be very cheap ebooks of all of the versions, as well as combined English/non-English versions.

I am perfectly happy for these images to be shared, especially in schools and among immigrants and refugees and the organisations that help them. My only rule is that you don’t get paid for our work.

A lot of the illustrators/models donated their images (and there are a LOT of photos of my kids) but I made a point of paying refugees and Aboriginal people (both models and sensitivity readers).



  1. Felicity’s Gift Guide 2022 | Felicity Banks said,

    […] As you can perhaps guess based on the title, this book is designed for refugee and immigrant kids who are new to Australia. It will be published in English, Indonesian, Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, and Dari Persian. You can see the whole book here. […]

    • Leonie said,

      Well done Felicity. I do not know your story but I now know your heart. Thank you for understanding the need and working towards a wonderful book for refugee children and adults.

  2. Welcome to Australia: Indonesian/Malay Version | Felicity Banks said,

    […] And there’s a not-quite-final English version here. […]

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