Welcome to Australia: Indonesian/Malay Version

February 6, 2023 at 2:13 am (Uncategorized)

This version is going to the printer tomorrow (can you spot the two errors that will be fixed early in the morning tomorrow?), and should be back in time for the official launch of “Welcome to Australia” on Saturday February 11th at Pulp Bookcafe in Gold Creek, Canberra.

You can buy tickets here (please do share that link), buy the books from my store here, or contact me (at FBanksBooks@gmail.com) if you’d like to be a volunteer at the launch (and get a free ticket and a free copy of the book).

And there’s a not-quite-final English version here.

There will be digital versions of every language (selling for the mighty price of $1.99 most likely) and you are welcome to use the version below (including for schools) as long as you don’t actually print it out.


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  1. Welcome to Australia | Felicity Banks said,

    […] See the Indonesian/Malay version in full here! […]

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